The shoot with Xavier exceeded expectations as he was extremely professional, accommodating and collaborative at all times. The work that he submitted was truly awesome and we’d love to work with him again.  The environment that Xavier was relaxing as he makes you feel confident as well as comfortable in the setting. Your best work comes out of that kind of environment so we it was very helpful.

Through his work, Xavier is able to take you to places you didn’t imagine you could go as his creativity knows no bounds. You become a super human in his photography, the person you aspire to be. He understood the exact vision that I wanted and was able to add things to make it a complete visual. I would recommend anyone to use him, you will cherish his work and the experience of collaborating with him.

Mamoeti Nosi, celebrity manager for Simba Mhere (Top Billing Presenter)

Thanks again my man. You did magic for me today and I'm super grateful. 

iFani (SAMA award artist)


We are  the international tour managers for Iconic  singer/songwriter Jennifer Rush and we made a wise choice of  Photographic artistry , by entrusting Xavier Sauer to create a new set of images of Jennifer to be used on her world tour 2015/16.

 Starting with the brilliant, slick  team he constructed for the shoot and ending with the faultless and express delivery of some of the best images of Jennifer Rush we’ve seen in three decades of her career. His sensitive, gentle and alluring professionalism, made the shoot in hard circumstances totally painless.  Xavier Saer is not a photographer- he is a master artist who “paints” with his lens,  He has a phenomenal understanding of mood and light and how to get the very best out his subject.

Colin Law, Afro Asia Management

I was extremely excited to be photographed by Xavier Saer. I have been following his travels & I have fallen in love with his work. Xavier arrived during a very special time in my life. I reinvented myself over 3 months and secretly I was hoping that he would photograph me. When I think of my experience with this multi talented artist I can’t help but giggle because we had so much fun. It was a magical day and somehow, in all the excitement, Xavier managed to catch the essence of who I am. One quote comes to mind when I think of our shoot, ‘The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you’ –Rumi

This is by far the most beautiful shoot I have ever done not only because of my life change but because Xavier sees the beauty in everyone, and as a result, he captured so much beauty in our shots. I look forward to many more shoots with this incredible photographer.

Megan C, International Recording Artist

From the first time he approached us at The Fairlawns, he made us feel relaxed all the way, explaining everything that he would like to do, how he was going to do it and how he would follow through his plan of action. His attention to detail is outstanding.
Xavier first came to the hotel to have a look at the rooms and he did all his pre-production on how he was going to take the perfect shots by taken test shots of the room. From this, he knew of how when and where he would take the perfect shot. He’s extremely professional. He understood our vision and the type of shot we were looking for and ran with it. Understanding a client is vital, and the professionalism from Xavier is outstanding and first class. He went out of his way to insure that the shots that he took were of perfect quality. He truly went above and beyond our expectations.
Attention to detail in our industry is paramount. Portraying what our property stands for and getting that message of the hotel side was met with open creative arms from Xavier.
His delivery time was outstanding. Xavier provided us with urgent shots under record time. I would absolutely recommend his services.

Ryan de Jesuz - Rooms division Manager/ Deputy General Manager, The Fairlawns Hotel

“We were looking for a photographer to execute a series of key client shoots and were drawn to Xavier’s services through his reputation of being highly creative and innovative. Not only did Xavier deliver on both these elements but his vision, attention to detail and execution of our brief was immaculate. The overall results were incredible and I can without a doubt say that he exceeded our incredibly high expectations. Xavier is a must have on any shoot and I look forward to the next opportunity for us to work together.”

Daniel Tomur - Managing Director, Lume Creative


From the moment I stepped into his studio I felt completely at home and by the time we wrapped up my photo shoot, I felt as if we’ve known each other for a lifetime. Xavier Saer has a gift of connecting with people which makes him a brilliant photographer. 

His warm, vibrant personality makes one feel at ease and as the time passes, he draws out and helps you unleash your inner goddess, resulting in a magical experience. Xavier understood my brief clearly and presented me with a personal portfolio which perfectly captures the essence of what I wanted to achieve yet totally exceeded my expectations.

What an exciting and enjoyable experience, I had so much fun, felt incredibly beautiful and the images are stunning!

Thank you Xavier, you are a genius!

Lynn Forbes – Wellness and Weight Loss Coach


Xavier Saer proved to be a reliable, efficient photographer that not only met my creative requirements but went beyond my expectations in terms of service , quality and a professional approach towards the brief. 
I would recommend him to any person wanting a photographer that could capture a vision of the task that has been given to him . Xavier produced not only a perfect portfolio for my fashion catalogue but turned each garment into a work of Art.

Mandy Manas - The Mandy Manas Collection and Kocobino head designer and owner

The first time Xavier Saer did photographic work for us, it was his creativity and attention to detail that stood out for me. On top of that he is a true professional, punctual, reliable and always extremely focused. The standard and exceptional quality of his work also captures every moment perfectly.

He has a gift for making his models feel relaxed and comfortable and bringing out the best in them. Most importantly, it’s his understanding of exactly what our vision is for a specific shoot, and exceeding our expectations every time, which makes it a joy working with him.

Jacques Momberg - Chief Executive, Copperstone Promotions

We would like to thank Xavier for his amazing ability to portray The Munro Boutique Hotel for what it stands for.  It was such a pleasure working with someone so professional and with such vision.  Xavier is an outstanding photographer.  His attention to detail just amazed me. Before the photo shoot, Xavier visited the hotel and had a look at all areas that had to be photographed, we sat down and discussed what the hotel were looking for.  He shared his thoughts on what he thinks will work, and it did!
We at The Munro Boutique Hotel would like to thank Xavier for his great service.

Stefan Coetzee - The Munro Boutique Hotel

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my reflection or a photo of myself and gone ‘YOH!’ or ‘OH MY WORD’. The Curvaceous Life & Style photo shoot was the first of its kind for me and I could quite easily make a habit of that.

Walking into a fully equipped professional photography studio would have intimidated me, however there was a calm energy and peace that made me realise all was well and would be throughout the shoot.

Xavier has always been punctual and excellent at managing time so that didn’t take me by surprise. What has increased my level of respect for him is his ability to work with 3 completely different women on one shoot for the same cause and bring their uniqueness out in still picture form. I’m still quite baffled by that! More than just the uniqueness, it’s only an experienced professional who has worked the fashion and modelling road can understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to capturing the curves of the fuller figured women. It takes great skill to, in an instant, find the correct angle, pose and figure line for a great shot. Xavier definitely knows how to ‘capture a curve’.

Now that I remember, after seeing Xavier in action at a wedding, I confidently stated that he is the first photographer I’ve met who captures the beauty of a moment, the timelessness of a memory and depth of an emotional connection with one flash. Let’s just say he connects with the very essence of the moment.

I would recommend XS Photography to anyone, anywhere, anytime and for any occasion. His work is priceless yet his rates are affordable. Let me repeat this, The Curvaceous Life & Style photo shoot was the first of its kind for me and I could quite easily make a habit of that. I wanted to brag about the pictures then I realised that the pictures brag about me

Robynn Niemack, social entrepreneur, life and business coach and fitness professional

Xavier Saer has a keen eye for beauty and the talent for direction and vision that every photographer needs. I couldn’t think of a better photographer. Thank you for showing us all the beauty within.

Lutfiyya Yacoob, businesswoman

I shot with Xavier for an underwear shoot. Regardless of the quality and famous photographers I’ve shot with before, he was one of the most professional and comfortable yet creative photographers that I’ve had the privilege to shoot with in my career. I strongly recommend to shoot with him. Thank you Xavier for a wonderful experience that has already furthered my career in this industry.

Garth, professional model - Dolce Gabanna, Davidoff

Xavier is a rising star, and working with him was a fantastic experience. His artistic passion shines through (or rather explodes) in the way that he brings out the best, and most powerful, and most sensual elements of an image. Highly recommended.

Ben Salomon, fitness model and competitor

A picture paints a thousand words but a photograph captures a story, a story told through an instance, immortalized through the windows of the lens. Xavier epitomizes the art of true perfection, bringing to life his work by choosing unexplored settings, adventuring creative scenes for his subjects and adopting innovative skills, culminating in not just a photo, but a replica of reality personified. True skill, creative ambition and a humble personality, Xavier is a reflection of a leader in his field, an inspiration to us all.

Mohsin Mehta, entrepreneur 

Truly talented photographer, out of the ordinary, a creative genius.

Marcel Caroto, musical artist

The experience was one of the most welcoming mixed with expert professionalism. It was my first photo shoot yet as relaxed an comfortable as I would be in my own home. His tips and techniques were very helpful as well as his patience.

Kim Pretorius, model

The shoot was easy and comfortable, and his ability to calibrate and pace my every breath, I found myself most drawn to his level of professionalism as well as his ability to create timelessness in his work, an artist he is indeed. I loved that he was able to capture me in my essence. Thank you Xavier I truy enjoyed working with you more than words can say.

Nepheritie Nikki Naidoo, Public speaker and coach

Xavier is passionate about his work. His artistic ideas and want to show off the beauty in life is what sets his work apart from other photographers. His photos tell a story and he’s a pleasure to work with.

Rikki Brest, Tv presenter, musical artist and DJ

Working with Xavier Saer was an amazing experience for all of us from Zoey'z Fallacy. I've known Xavier for quite some time now and I always feel a sense of connectedness around him, and I think that's something he reflects in the world, and as a result that's what you tend to get in his work. It's chilled, fun and effortless! 

As a band we were and are quite thrilled to have worked with him for and obvious reason, which is the fact that he is a musician himself, this is great for us, as he understands us as musicians, as well as knows how to translate what sort of ideas we have in our head as a band, and he definitely captures this! 

Jon Pedrosa, lead vocalist Zoey's Fallacy

Hello beautiful people

This here message of commendation is for a beautifully creative, super professional, gracefully accommodating, infinitely authentic, definitely sexy charismatic soul and photographer, Xavier Saer. 
Need I say more? Definitely warranted.
I’ve never done a professional personal photo shoot prior this. Xavier not only took heed to my extensive & weird brief…lol…but effortlessly captured my multi-faceted personality.  A spiritual being having the time of her life on planet earth,  just a girl and a DJ. He nailed the essences of each perfectly. Just WOW!
Thank you Xavier.  I’m honoured to have had you do my “35 forever” photo shoot.
I totally recommend EVERY woman over 40 consider having their lifetime memory captured by you.  It’s a MUST GOAL, not a someday dream. I did.
With Gratitude, Pure Love & Golden Light


Sharm, owner Pure Soul Essentials

It was absolutely amazing working with Xavier Saer Photography!
Absolute professional shoot! Friendly and comfortable to work with. Always available to give feedback!!  Xavier has an amazing personality and his great sense of humor makes you feel more confident and relaxed during the shoot!

The photos are top quality images!
Will definitely recommend  Xavier Saer Photography!

Verona Moodley, Model Native Model Management

Xavier was incredibly accommodating, flexible and really understood the objectives of the shoot.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to any professional.

Sandra Kneubuhler, Global Sales Director Hyatt Sales Force, Africa

As a Testimony.. I have to say apart from having a Vision and creativity in photographic artwork, understanding the Individual model/person and what is the possibility of them in every aspect is what makes the ultimate quality. From my experiences in photographic shoots in the Past, I can honestly say now that I felt exactly or even more that what I am and want to be through working with You Xavier. Capturing not just how I am comfortable but aiding in what I didn't know I could look like through photographic work. I feel I got to know myself better through your work.

Julian Jaye Louw, Fitness Athlete, professional dancer and singer




My now husband and I were absolutely blessed by having the honour of Xavier Saer 's extraordinary talents on our wedding day , 10 December 2014 . He captured every emotion and every beautiful moment of our day with his lens and  creative eye. Xavier has truly given us the amazing gift of being able to relive our special day frame by frame and I cannot wait for our next special occasion to be captured by this talented photographer . 
Thank you so much Xavier , we appreciate you so very much!
Much love and respect

Vernon and Phillida  Liebenberg

Good day Xavier.
I hope that u are well. I'm so glad that I got to meet you. 
I just wanted to extend a very very very special THANK YOU to you. The pics was the highlight of my day. I had so much fun doing it. 
You really are such a pleasure to work with and we both had so much fun with you. U made our day so much more exciting. I will be sure to post an awesome awesome msg on ur fb wall real soon, I'd love to contribute towards ur marketing. Your assistant was a sweetheart and I really felt comfortable with her too.. Please pass our gratitude over to her as well. 
Thank you for your time, your traveling time, your creativity, your hard work and efforts.... We really really appreciate it and can't be more grateful than we already are.  
All the best to you and take care.

Anusha and Geno


Xavier was incredible on the day and really set everyone at ease in front of the camera. His relaxed but professional attitude towards his work allows his passion to flow! With a very unique take on angles and depth he really captures amazing shots, some of the random pictures taken were our favourites. From helping Bonny put her dress on, to hanging out windows and lying in the street with white clothes on it was clear to see his love for his work and I would put his name forward to anyone I know when they need a photographer! Our images were amazing! 

Francois & Bonny Louw

Choosing Xavier to be our wedding photographer was a great decision. The quality of his work always speaks for itself. He also has a warm energy about him that makes you and the other guests feel relaxed and that invariably makes for great images. He also captured moments that were so off the beaten track that they make for the best memories. We were both very happy with our pictures and would pick him again if we had to do it over. 

Zubz and Zama Nkosi 

We are blown away by the quality and professionalism of Xavier and his team’s work. From the moment we met, we have been nothing but pleasantly surprised with every aspect of his work. The best part…not only did we get amazing pictures, but we had a bunch of fun doing it!

Kamal and Nishtha Govan

Everyone being unique has different ideas of what their perfect is. Thankfully, Xavier gave us exactly what we were looking for! We are so glad we found him and were so lucky he was available for our wedding day. His style is exactly what we envisaged – amazing ingenuity and never a dull moment when he is around. He captured every special moment from the day and was so incredibly unobtrusive you barely knew he was there. He always gives more than a 100% at each event he shoots and we would definitely recommend him.

Dhruv and Annika Seth

A wedding is the most important day of a woman's life and yet is goes so quickly that when a photographer captures each moment, it extends the memory to last forever. You & your team have been ubelievably fantastic. In my industry and having to work with many photographers, I specifically enjoyed my experience with you as your energy is so calming and relaxed that the picture perfect moment is effortless. 
Thank you for your professionalism from day one - having to set the scene and conceptualising how you would tackle each angle and took the time to find our more about my husband that is very camera shy. The images turned out excellent and I find myself staring at the album as it still feels so surreal! 
Thank you Xavier for an amazing job well done and I wish you continued successes! 
Till we work again, :)

Rea and Alberto Goncalves


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